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Osmogeline + P-REFINYL + Kemiderm NMF + HyaClear 7 + Witch Hazel Extract + Vit

Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum

Introducing our Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum (Tecnosoft UH) which is specially made for skin de-hydration treatment. Our face serum is a blend of Osmogeline, P-REFINYL + Kemiderm NMF + HyaClear 7 + Witch Hazel Extract + Vitiments. Experience the power of our hydrating serum as it deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin, giving you a glowing complexion. By using our Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum you can treat your dull, tired skin, fine lines, and uneven tone, for a more resilient and radiant appearance. 

Ingredients used in Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum

Osmogeline is a red algae extract that helps to revitalize stressed skin and gives a soft touch and smoother appearance to finished formulations. It is known for its ability to fight against environmental stressors and moisturize the skin. Osmogeline is chosen for its ability to withstand environmental stresses such as UV exposure, dehydration, or osmotic shock.

P-REFINYL is an ingredient that is specifically targeted at minimizing open pores It is designed to help reduce the appearance of pores and control excess oil. P-REFINYL is known for its pore-minimizing properties and can contribute to a smoother and more refined skin texture.

Kemiderm NMF is a moisturizing ingredient that helps to improve the skin’s hydration levels. It stands for Natural Moisturizing Factor and is designed to mimic the skin’s own moisturizing factors, helping to replenish and retain moisture in the skin.

HyaClear 7 is likely a form of hyaluronic acid, a popular skincare ingredient known for its hydrating properties. Hyaluronic acid can attract and retain moisture in the skin, helping to plump and hydrate the skin.

Witch Hazel Extract is a natural ingredient that is often used in skincare products for its astringent and soothing properties. It can help to tighten the skin, reduce inflammation, and minimize the appearance of pores.

Directions for Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum

To effectively protect your skin from dehydration and other skin problems. You can follow these directions for Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum

  • Start with clean, dry skin. Wash your face using a gentle cleanser and pat dry.
  • Shake the bottle of serum well to ensure the ingredients are mixed properly.
  • Take a small amount of the serum on your palm and gently apply the serum to your face and neck in upward motions. 
  • Avoid the eye area unless the product specifically states that it is safe for use around the eyes.
  • Massage the serum into your skin using light, circular motions. This will help the serum penetrate deeper into the skin and promote absorption.
  • Apply Sunscreen after 15 min if you are growing in sunlight. 

Precautions for Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum

  • If your skin is allergic to creams, Serums, and lotions then take dermatological expert advice before using Ultra Hydrating & Revitalizing Face Serum.
  • Be careful to avoid getting the serum into your eyes. If contact occurs, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water.
  • If you experience burning and itching on the applied area then wash it with water and soap and apply it after using moisturiser cream. 

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