Top Face Cream Brands in India

Top Face Cream Brands in India– Face creams have evolved the skincare regime of Indians. Existing dermatology items serve as the magic to the skin. Face creams benefit the skin with glowing properties, reduce blemishes, dispering fine lines, and more. It makes the skin shiny, smooth, nourished, hydrated and healthy. The daily use of the creams from the Top Face Cream Brands in India could cuite the skin nightmare’s appearance. For every person dark spots, cystic acne, uneven skin tone, spots, wrinkles, dehydration, and whatnot are the common issues experienced by people.  Face creams are not essentially for women’s use but for men also. 

Cosmenova has curated a list of Top Face Cream Brands in India that will bloom your skin and bring back the lost radiance. Have a look at this article to learn more about the leading face creams available in India.

Face Creams

List of the Top Face Cream Brands in India

The face cream application is various. There are different types of skincare products depending on the type of skin. Oily skin needs face creams that control the production of oil, and the dry skin type needs creams that retail the moisture and help release natural oils in the body. 

These creams are curated with an ingredient that benefits brightness, rejuvenation, hydration, and a lot more. Every face cream mentioned is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and suitable for every skin type. 

Epipatal A50

Anti Aging Cream

A face cream with the properties of sunblock and anti-aging. It’s a daily tinted sunscreen with the active features of SPF 50 and PA ++++.

It is the finest procedure to make your skin glow and retain moisture. The creams are made with supreme quality ingredients that block the activity of the sun’s harmful rays on the skin and are associated with the properties of natural radiance and glow. This contains no harmful chemicals that can disturb the skin quality and affect the protective barriers. The deep hydration offered with its application is the reason behind its success as the Top Face Cream Brand in India.

It relaxes the facial muscles, nourishes, soothes, and controls the uneven skin tone within the first application. You may use one a day and before 15 minutes of sun exposure. This is 100% harmful chemical-free. 

Tecnosoft BPM

Tecnosoft-BFM Face Cream

Tecnosoft is a Barrier Fortifying Formula face cream. It contains ingredients YUZU Ceramide B, Rejutime® PTC, HyaClear® 7,  Vitamin E, and Squalene. This is a non-greasy and non-sticky formula that inhibits the deposits of pollutants in the pores. It improves skin by making it bring, controls moisture, fine lines, and premature wrinkles. It gives a dewy finish and offers radiance. The water-binding formula of this face cream gives your skin a youthful glow.  Among the Top Face Cream Brands in India, it makes the skin look healthy and plumy for 24 hours. The application is suitable for dull and dry skin. 

Pheomel CLX

Pheomel-CLX Face Cream

Among the Top Face Cream Brands in India, the Pheomel CLX holds a past with its splendid ingredient lists. It consists of NovoRetin, MandarinClear HS, AlgaPūr, Glycolic Acid 2%, Niacinamide 3%, and PHA. The face creams are beneficial for people with spots on the face. The Niacinamide 3% corrected the spots and improved the brightness. It regulates inner radiances and offers the best results within 3 weeks of application. 

Aurabliss BR

Aurabliss-BR Face Cream

Aurabliss BR is a cream by Cosmenova that attained a lot in Top Face Cream Brand in India. It offers premium benefits by reducing the dark spots, irritation, and dryness on the face. It impressively strengthens the skin barriers, deals with the regeneration of new skin cells, and provides stable skin health. It continuously delivers hydration and balances the skin tone. The face cream also reduces the size of open pores in the skin. 

Ingredients- Axolight + Dermawhite WF + Prodew 600 + Sulforawhite + Squalene + Hyaluronic Acid

Skin type- Dry skin

Yuvinor MX

Yuvinor-MX face Cream

Yuvinore MX is one of the Top Face Cream brands in India that provides a multiple benefit. It manages the dark spot and ensures the production of collagen levels that boost blood circulation. Glow and reduces fine lines in the skin. It is made with impressive skincare technology consisting of NovoRetin, Argireline, PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis, Oatmilk (Prodew 600), and  PhytoCellTecTM. 

Faceglow Cream: Skin Lightening Cream

In the list of Top Face Cream Brands in India Faceglow Cream treats darkspots. It is the best cream for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and melasma. It reduces the production of melanin levels in the face which is responsible for the production of darkness in the skin. It consists of Kojic Acid 2%, Arbutin 1.5%, Mulberry Extract 1%, Vitamin 1%, and Octinoxate. 


Cutivance is one of the Top Face Cream brands in India that serves the skin with the benefits of treating pigmentation, melasma, and sunless. It consists of Octinoxate, Niacinamide, and Mulberry Extract and makes the skin healthy, fades dark spots, controls bacterial activity, and provides relaxation from irritation. As you apply the creams for over 3 weeks in regularity, you will notice definite results as they nourish the skin deeply. 

Witglow Face Cream

This is one of the Top Face Cream brands in India. Composed of the benefits of Glutathione, Squalane, and Tranexamic Acid, it balances pores. This reduces the clogging of the pores,  the deposit of dust and pollutants in the skin, remorse the toxin production, and inhibits dark spots and whiteheads. It is sulfate, paraben-free, paraben-free, and toxin-free. The application of it won’t cause any inflammation, such as dryness on the face’s skin. 


The face is one of the sensitive parts of the face. It needs the utmost care. Any creams you use on the face should be dermatologically tested, avoid harshness, and provide a glow. The aforementioned creams in the list of Top Face Cream Brands in India benefit the skin from every other issue. These control acne, reduce dark spots, etc. For can use these after the approval of a doctor. These are safe and provide results. 

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